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HI - my name's Freddy - FREDDY CRUGER - you know, the bad guy who haunts you in your dreams !   My mom saw me at the shelter and noticed my big brown beautiful eyes.  They told her I was aggressive but she just didn't believe them.  She knew better then they did - she  knew it was because I was in the bad scarey concrete jungle.   HA - SHE'S STUPID -  -  LITTLE DID SHE KNOW - I hate people - YEP, hate em' I do, they hurt me, they abused me, they kicked me, they hit me, they never fed me and when they finally got so sick of me being mad all the time, they took me to the shelter and said I was a bad dog !   DERN, I didn't do anything to them that they didn't do to me  - I just wanted them to love me, hold me, play with me, feed me and keep me safe.  When they didn't do that I just had to defend myself.   My mom brought me home and loves me anyway.  She found out the hard way that I just don't like people - not yet.   I've been here a year and half - I still bite her when she's bad, and she still can't really pick me up and I bite her feet if they come to close - like when she's sitting at the computer chair and I'm laying close to her and she moves them -  that'll show her to move her feet near me!     Every now and then I let her pet me, and every now and then I'll jump up on the bed with the rest of them and lay close to her.  I think finally I may get the love that I always wanted !  



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