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HI, My name is Gizmo, Gizzy to my friends.   I was stuck in this awful place, just like Starman but some nice lady pulled me out of the cage and said I was coming into rescue.  I'm not sure what that means, but it's a really GOOD THING.  I got to take a long ride in all kinds of cars, trucks and vans.  I came all the way from Florida to Virginia.  I finally got to this ladies house and she shaved all my clumps of hair off.   She made me get all soapy and stuff.   I like to bite her !   She started feeding me yummy food and called me a Foster.  I don't even know what a foster is.  But then my mom started kissing me all the time and saying she loved me and said she would never let me go.   So I'm here to stay.    I've turned into a cutie huh?  OH yea, I don't bite her anymore, I give her kisses back all the time now.   


This was me when I first came to my new mommy's house.  I didn't look to good, and I didn't feel very good either !  


This is my furbrother Scooter.  He came from "rescue" too.   I'm not sure what it is, but it's "da bomb"  You could find doggies almost as cute as us on www.petfinders.com




My hair was all stuck together and I could barely see ! 


This if my fursister Molly.  I think she's sweet on me, she always comes and lays next to me when I'm trying to rest.  She's younger then me and such a giggly girl....YUCK.  


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