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Hi, Welcome to our website. We hope you have a howling good time.    We would love for you to meet some of our friends.  If you like coming here, you can come back anytime.  Mom always take pictures of us, all the time, like way too much, constant, we wish she would stop!  Anyway, come back often cause there will always be new pics of us and all our friends! 

This is our cousin, Cooper.  We call him Coop the Poop.  His mom doesn't think that's very funny.  He's pretty lazy, but he was nice to us when we stayed with him at Christmas time.  He let us play in his house and go potty on his floor when we were little.  We had alot of fun at Coopers House. 


We guess Coop the Poop isn't that bad, cause he gave us a bunch of toys on Christmas day.  The only thing was he took them back and slobbered all over them, that was yucky ! 


This is Matisse and Casey.  Matisse is a blue and gold Macaw and Casey is a Military Macaw.   They sometimes get all cuddly with each other and stuff.   Sometimes when we are barking real loud Matisse tells us to "shut-up"  We didn't think birdies could talk, but they talk all the time.  Sometimes we wish they would shut-up.


Bad Birdie - he opens the cabinet door and crawls in there.  We'll fool him, one day were going to shut the door on him and see if he can get out.  See how smart he is then!  



Bailey, Madison and Abby were scared of Coop the Poop, but I wasn't. I thought he was kindof cute.  He gave me a kiss and everything.  


OH MY, Imagine our surprise when we found out Coop the Poop has his very own corner with a sign and everything.   He must be famous!  We realized we better be nice to him and quit calling him Coop the Poop cause we think he's a star !    


This is Casey.  Mommy and Daddy call him a clown. He likes to roll on his back and bite his own wing.  He's weird !  


Look at these messy birdies.  We think mom and dad like them better then us, cause they let them chew up food and stuff on the counter and we aren't allowed up there.  What's up with that???


This is our cousin Duffey, who lives in PA.  He's a really big golden retriever.  We would love to play with him but he thinks we are little stuffed animals and he tries to pull our stuffing out.  We think we'll just write letters and send pictures to Duffey.  He's a cool dog though.  



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