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Hi, I'm Madison.  I'm the oldest so I get my page first.  I'm a cutie and I just luv giving my mom and dad alot of licks.   They call me Madison Lickalot.   Molly is my sister, but I've known Bailey and Abby all my life.   We have a lot of fun.  I sometimes pee on the carpet cause I don't like the rain on my feet.  When it rains the grass gets all yucky and wet and stuff and I just hate it.  My mom and dad don't understand at all !  Silly mom and dad.   

These are some of my baby pictures.  Mom sure knows how to embarass me by putting them on here.  I look like a seal in them. 





I look very regal in this picture, don't you think?  





This is me and Molly.  I think we look alot like little mops.  Mom takes me to All Breeds Dog Salon in Sterling, VA,  the hair salon for doggies and gets my hair cut. They put silly bows in my hair.  I look all prissy and stuff when I come out - but mom and dad think I look gorgeous.


Well, it's July and I just got a new haircut.  I wish they wouldn't put those goofy bows in my hair, I look so girlie.  


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